Taylor Swift Nervous After Ed Sheeran Loses Phone

Ed Sheeran, who will be going on tour with Taylor Swift next month, recently lost his phone at last week’s Brit Awards. Luckily he found it later, but there for a while Swift was very scared of what someone might have seen on his phone.

In this day and age of celebrities getting caught in compromising situations, a lost celebrity phone with videos on it could mean trouble.

Swift however, probably didn’t have ¬†anything to worry about, just a few silly videos she had sent to her friend.

Taylor Britain’s¬†Capital Fm radio station stated: “Someone’s gonna get videos of me having a conversation with my cat that I sent Ed… and like YouTube videos and stuff like that. He’s one of my best friends… Legitimately.”

Word was there was more on Sheehan’s phone than just silly videos from Swift though. Rumor had it there was some unreleased music including a song or two Sheeran had recorded with Swift.

It’s a good thing that he found his phone. Let’s just hope he keeps a better watch on it while he’s out on tour with Swift.


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