Here’s How Bed Bath & Beyond Is Lying To You


I’m kind of like the “OCD dude” in the Julia Roberts’ movie Sleeping With The Enemy (Just not as violent, I promise ).  In my pantry one will find that all my soup can labels face outward. I mean how else can you tell what type of soup it is?!

I also like folding my bath towels in thirds and then doubling them up so they stack neatly. One place I always admired for their tidiness was Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the fluffy new towels that are perfectly placed on top of one another all the way to the ceiling. Well, they’re lying…sort of.

Take a look.

towel #1

(credit: provided)

towel #2

(credit: provided)

Bed Bath and Beyond may be a bit sneaky with how they display their towels but it is genius…Bravo BB&B!

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