Guy Fieri Pranked Online…Big Mistake Fieri!

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Famous television chef, Guy Fieri decided to go with the simple “” for his restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, but he really should’ve registered the longer version, too.

Instead, Bryan Mytko snapped up and posted a hilarious fake menu there that’s gone viral. Sample items included:

  • Honky-Tonky Double Barrel Meat Loaded Blast: “A Sammy Hagar lookalike pushes your face into a leather bag filled with oil.”
  • Reno!!!: “Popcorn crusted popcorn chicken stuffed inside Guy’s Nuthin’ Fancy Meatloaf.” (To this one, you can “Add a Cinnabon and two more Cinnabons” for just $4.95.)
  • Superbowl Bash Bro’det: This one involves a lot of Velveeta and is served in a bidet that’s actually “an MP3 player that plays Smash Mouth while you eat.”

After the prankster tweeted, “Guy Fieri didn’t register his restaurant’s domain name, so I picked it up. I think this new menu look great”

A nationwide debate sparked about the Tim Square restaurant, and a New York Times restaurant critic slammed Guy Fieri.


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