Girl Fight At The Bingo Hall!

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Well, this following story I am sharing with you is right up my alley! I actually played bingo yesterday with women three times my age. I can see why their would be a fight. Bingo rooms can become pretty intense rooms. Women are super focused on their ten sheets and five computers in front of them, and it’s not cheap either.

I answered a phone call during one of the games, and women to my right and left gave me a look as if to say, “get off the phone or go home!” I’m not gonna lie, kind of wish I would’ve been in New Hampshire to witness this brawl.

A bingo game at a New Hampshire senior center broke out into a fight after two women started arguing over Avon products.

It seems that one of the women, a regular bingo player, was upset that the other woman in the altercation had set up a table to sell Avon products. According to police,  the altercation appeared to have begun over the fact that one resident was upsetting another by conducting sales and transactions for her Avon business during the scheduled bingo event.

The officers broke up the bingo brawl, only to get a call two hours later when one of the women said she’d like to press charges. The names of the “bingo battler”s have not been released since there was no arrest.

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