Corey’s Diary February 21st, 2013: I Can Already Smell The Meat And Beer


Dear Diary,

I love this time off year. The Cook-Off officially begins tonight and we have Joanna Smith in the BULL tent. We are headed to Great Day Houston after the show and we will be talking about our Rodeo Road Show location for tomorrow. Plus, I think Greg is going to be quizzing Deborah on her Rodeo knowledge.

We will be at the Cracker Barrel in League City from 5:30-9AM tomorrow. Cowboy Dave will be attempting to finish the “Cowboy Dave Country Breakfast.”  It has every breakfast meat out there. It will be good practice for Cook-Off.

Casey James will be in the Bull tent tomorrow night and Greg and I will be manning the stage. It seems like we were just there. I can’t believe it has been a year already.

I have been in a nesting phase lately. I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning and purging. I was getting rid of clutter. I think it probably has to do with the next couple of weeks and hosting house-guests. I like a clean and clutter-free home. Now if I could just finish that puzzle.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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foleythunder posts Coreys Diary February 21st, 2013: I Can Already Smell The Meat And Beer

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