Corey’s Diary February 14th, 2013: I Am A Bad Wife

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Corey's Diary

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Dear Diary,

Today is Valentine’s Day and it falls six days after my wedding anniversary. Usually, my husband and I are content just celebrate our anniversary and Valentine’s at the same time. We also agreed to no gifts this year since we spent money on our weekend getaway to Galveston.

Well, on Friday…our anniversary, I got home and he had a beautiful card and and a brand new iPod for me. He’s so sweet and I love it, but now I feel horrible. I didn’t get him anything and I am thinking I need to make it up to him by doing something for Valentine’s. I want to do something for him today and I am wracking my brain. Talk about waiting until the last minute.

Plus, I don’t want to go the easy route…like buying a bottle of wine and some cheese. It’s been done a lot at my house. Since we have our Rodeo Road show tomorrow, I have to get up super-early tomorrow…so dinner is out of the question. He is doing really good on his diet, so I don’t want to ruin that.

I already have Skyfall on order, but that won’t get here until Saturday. I am at a loss…what can I do last-minute that is also romantic? See? I am a bad wife.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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