Lindsay Lohan’s New Sibling

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(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

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While fighting trouble in various courtrooms around the nation this week, Lindsay Lohan received news that she has a new baby brother. Her dad her dad’s fiancée Kate Major, welcomed a brand new baby boy into the world this week.

Lohan who appeared in court with her mother Dina this week, was made aware of the presence of her new baby brother, Landon Major Lohan; the baby is Michael Lohan’s sixth child and Major’s first. Landon however, is not Lindsay Lohan’s first half-sibling. As a matter of fact, in November 2012, Michael had another baby with another woman while still married to Lindsay’s mother, Dina (cue soap opera music violins here).

Lohan is reportedly filing a lawsuit of $1.1 million against the 6126 Collection, the clothing manufacturer that sold the line of leggings Lohan designed back in 2008.

This week, Lohan appeared in court with a new lawyer, Mark Heller, who stood by the tarnished starlet’s side in court on Wednesday during a pre-trial hearing on a probation violation charge.

Additional reports indicate that Lohan was “strongly advised” do appear in court this week or face harsh and intense repercussions… needless to day, she appeared in court.

So what does the future hold for Lindsay Lohan? Sound off and watch related video below:

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