Care To Own A Pair Of Jeans That Fight Cellulite?


Are you ready to wear jeans that make you look like a rugged country girl, while they secretly help your fight against cellulite and thunder thighs?

A new line of Wrangler jeans is coming to stores this month.  They’re called Denim Spa Therapy For Legs.  These jeans actually combat your cellulite.   According to Wrangler, the jeans are, “infused with moisturizing and slimming ingredients…like algae extracts, retinol, and caffeine.”

Supposedly after four weeks of wearing the jeans for five days a week, 69% of women said their thighs did look slimmer and had less cottage cheese. One negative, though, is that the anti-cellulite effect only lasts through four to six washes.  You can still wear them, but they won’t do anything.  Oh, and they will run you about $135 a pair and go on sale in stores and online in the next few weeks. Bring on the queso!

Click here to learn more about these magical jeans!


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