Diss Alert! Kris Humphries Gets ‘No Love’ From A Kardashian! [VIDEO]

Ummmm… did you just feel that gust of cold wind? It came from Kourtney Kardashian who “threw a little shade” on her sister’s ex-husband during an appearance on late-night television!

During a recent appearance on David Letterman’s show, Letterman grilled the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney. On Wednesday night’s “Late Show With Letterman” show, Letterman asked Kim about former husband Kris Humphries who is technically still married to her. “When are you going to wrap that up?” Letterman asked the Kardashian sister.

“Well, I’ve been trying, and it’s a process,” Kim told Letterman. “I just want him to be happy and I just want us to move on”, she added.

Kim Kardashian further explained that she would love to give Huphries an annulment, which he requested, but that it can only be granted if one of the married parties has been “frauded”. (huh?) Kim is currently expecting her first child with hip hop artist Kanye West.

But then “big sis” Kourtney chimed in with a comment that “kinda shut things down”! Check out what she said below and tell us… was it a legit comment? You be the judge.

Cicely C. Mitchell, 100.3 THE BULL/ Houston


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