A library without books? C’mon, that’s like going to the grocery store and ordering food at the self-checkout, and never seeing or touching your produce before it’s delivered to your home… weird, right? Some would even say wrong.  But leave it to us here in TEXAS, to unveil the first library with out any books!

The world’s first public “bookless” library opens this fall in San Antonio! Creator, Nelson Wolff, said he was inspired after reading a book by Apple founder Steve Jobs.  Wolff also says the old system (with books) isn’t going anywhere, this is just an “enhancement”.

The “library” will look more like an Apple store rather your typical local book lodge.  Nearly 5000 sq. feet, the county facility will be sleek, artsy and modern.

With 100 e-readers available to check out,  including 50 e-readers for children, plus the library will have computer stations and tablets.  Readers are encouraged to bring their own e-readers from home to download books at the new library.

In the future Wolff says it won’t be just for readers as the library will have other media available like movies and music.

Sounds pretty rad to me.  If you think about it… all those books with all that paper is a major fire hazard anyway!  I’d also like Mr. Wolff to think about hiring ex-Hooters waitresses as “librarians” to make this perfect!

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