Five Months Later Randy Travis Finally Charged With A DUI


Five months after being found naked at the scene of an accident and then threatening arresting officers, Randy Travis has officially been charged with DWI.

Last August,Travis reportedly walked into a Texas convenience store naked where he demanded cigarettes. After being denied, heĀ  allegedly drove his car away and wrecked it a short time later at a construction site. He was later arrested and released. On Thursday January 10th. Travis’ blood-alcohol test finally came back showing that his blood alcohol was higher than 0.15, leading to an official DWI charge, a Class A misdemeanor.

Police tell media outlets that the charges took so long due to Randy’s blood needing to be tested a couple of times.

“The case has taken some time because of blood tests that have been completed by both the prosecution and the defense,” Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown said in a news release. “The parties have also been actively negotiating on resolving the case, and we anticipate that we will resolve the matter in a short time period.”

Travis had originally refused alcohol testing and a warrant was obtained to force him to comply.

Travis recently revealed that he has sworn off alcohol and is living a healthier lifestyle so let’s hope that’s true and all this can be put behind him.

No word on when he may have to go to court for these new charges.

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