The Brutal Truth W/Foley & Thunder [AUDIO]

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(Photo Credit: Provided)

(Photo Credit: Provided)

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Every Tuesday and Thursday we help one listener get the “Brutal Truth” from you and our latest letter comes from a listener who really needs it! This is a must read letter.

Dear Foley & Thunder,

I need the brutal truth. My boyfriend told me to flirt with his boss during his company Christmas party this Friday night. My boyfriend is hoping that he’ll get a promotion or a raise if I lay it on thick with the boss…AND…he says if he gets the promotion that means I have a better chance of getting a marriage proposal. I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand I want to help my boyfriend, on the other I feel like he is using me. Plus, I don’t want a proposal as a reward for good behavior. I want him to propose because he wants to marry me. Should I flirt with his boss or should I tell him I am not comfortable with that?

Feeling Slutty in Splendora

Check out the audio below to listen to this latest installment of the “Brutal Truth”!

Part 1

Part 2

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