Think Before You Prank… Is This Real?? [VIDEO]

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WARNING!! This video is a bit violent and not suitable for children!

I think we’re all a little cautious when it comes to anything we see on the Internet and Facebook is the worst! The other day, we noticed a video that is circulating on Facebook and getting lots of attention! We watched it and Corey got kinda upset.

The truth is, you can’t really tell if it’s real. We need your help and want to know what you think. The end of the video has the word “fake”  and the word is clearly present when you watch the video on YouTube,  but the 1st video we saw on Facebook didn’t say that!

Watch the video below and then take our poll.

Now, take our poll:

Now if you’ve taken the poll see if this video is real or fake by reading more here:

foleythunder posts Think Before You Prank... Is This Real?? [VIDEO]
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