AC/DC Is Finally On iTunes

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AC/DC has officially ended their iTunes holdout. I’ll tell ya, you cant walk into a bar or dance hall in Texas without hearing an AC/DC song or two! Here’s the GOOD NEWS!

–Their back catalog hit iTunes for the first time yesterday and several live albums and compilations are also available. That includes their new live album, “Live at River Plate”, which just came out this week.

–Apple released a statement saying that all the songs were mastered for iTunes specifically with “increased audio fidelity.”

–If you’re a DIEHARD AC/DC fan, you have the option of purchasing all 16 studio albums for $100. For $150, you can get the live albums and compilations thrown in  too. Of course you can also buy the albums and songs individually.

–A few years ago, guitarist Angus Young said he thought it was disrespectful for iTunes to force artists to sell their music as individual tracks.

–He told the “New York Times” that, “It’s like an artist who does a painting. If he thinks it’s a great piece of work, he protects it. It’s the same thing: This is our work.”

–Earlier this month, Kid Rock ended his iTunes holdout. He did it because, quote, “Times are different.” At this point, basically everyone has caved in to Apple, except for some of the biggest acts such as Garth Brooks and Tool.

–AC/DC is still withholding their music from Spotify, the “new battleground”,with a list of holdouts that includes: The BeatlesLed Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Metallica.

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