Top 10 Party Schools In America

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Spring Break 2001 on South Padre Island, Texas
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When it comes to college who really cares about Fine Arts programs and Engineering Schools, it’s the parties that really matter the most.

Well, at least to Playboy and most people in radio.

The list of the Top 10 party schools in America was released and here it is:

1. University of Virginia

2. University of Southern California

3. University of Florida (Corey Foley can attest to this)

4. University of Texas

5. University of Wisconsin

6. University of Georgia

7. Vanderbilt University

8. Tulane University

9. Texas Christian University (Make Hunter Greene proud)

10. Ohio State University

The schools were ranked across 900 different data points in three categories:  Sex, Sports and Nightlife.

I think the obvious question here is “How does one get on this panel?”

SMU in Dallas was awarded points for having the “#1 Nightlife”

Think about this…I doubt this 83 year old grandma could quote you anything from Voltaire’s “Henriade”,but she can still do a keg stand!

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