10 Things You Don’t Know About Jason Aldean

Erin Austin
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Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Erin Austin
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Country superstar Jason Aldean is one of those celebrities that doesn’t have his life plastered all over the gossip magazines.  We see the man on stage and in videos, but what is he like behind the scenes?  Here’s some factoids about the singer that you may not have known.


10. One of his favorite parts of the day is when he’s tucking in his daughters into bed.

9. His lucky number is 9

8.  Before making it big Jason had signed on with 2 different record labels later dropped him before he started even recording.
7. He hates to talk on the phone

6. His favorite chic-flickmovie is The Notebook

5. Favorite on the road snack is beef jerky

4. He got a full-ride scholarship to play baseball in college, but decided he was tired of school.

3. His real name is actually Jason Aldine Williams

2. Hidden talent: He’s really good at ironing.  “I can iron like nobody’s business”

1.  Says he would NEVER consider being on Dancing With The Stars

Jason’s new CD Night train hits stores and online October 16th.

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