Alan Jackson’s Daughter Arrested For DUI


Alan Jackson’s oldest daughter, Mattie has found herself in a little bit of trouble with the law.  On August 19, 2012 the 22-year-old was arrested in Nashville for suspected DUI.

The story originally broke on Nashville’s ABC affiliate, but for some reason, it was later removed from their website. Upon further digging from our friends at it was discovered that it was indeed Alan’s daughter that had been arrested.

mattie jackson mugshot1 Alan Jacksons Daughter Arrested For DUIAccording to police documents, Mattie Denise Jackson was seen driving 45 mph in a 3o mph zone. At first when police tried to pull her over she didn’t stop.  In fact they say she drove for quite a bit. Once authorities pulled her over officers noticed an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.  Police  also noticed she had bloodshot-watery eyes and slurred speech.

Mattie told the authorities that she was coming from her boyfriends house where she says she had 3 beers before driving in her car.
Police said that she originally refused to take a breathalyzer, but later agreed once police in informed her what the repercussions would be if she refused.

Mattie was later released on $2000 bond.  Her first court appearance is set for November 20th.

See official police report here.

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