The Brutal Truth With Foley & Thunder

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Here is today’s letter…

Dear Foley & Thunder,

I need the brutal truth. My friend has been married almost 3 years and she and her husband live in a 3-bedroom house in Ataskocita. We were having lunch the other day, and I asked, “have you two talked about starting a family?” They’ve decided they don’t want kids. They were never really gung-ho on it to begin with, but now that they’ve settled into their home have a routine established…they decided to focus on being the best aunt and uncle ever. I respect that, but here’s one thing that bothers me. My friend is a stay-at-home wife. She has no plans on working. She volunteers once in a while at our church. But that’s it. When she told me they decided against kids I’m sure my facial expression gave my feelings away. She asked me what I thought about it and I told her that being a stay-at-home wife seems like a waste of her time…not to mention selfish and lazy. She told me that with all of the travel her husband does for work and the time she spends on things…cleaning, socializing, exercising to stay in shape, and so on…they don’t see a need for her to work. Her husband is totally cool with it. Is it just me or is she totally selfish to stay at home and not have kids? We haven’t spoken or hung out since lunch.


Wondering in Humble.

Listen here…

Part 1

Part 2

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