Where Did “OMG” come From?

Cowboy Dave
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Cowboy Dave
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I’ll be honest… I’ve never used the “OMG”… EVER… but I get texts every day that do! Do you think teenage girls are going to stop saying “OMG” when they find out it dates back to WINSTON CHURCHILL? You know, after we explain to them who Winston Churchill is?

–Back in 1917, a British World War One admiral named John Arbuthnot Fisher sent a letter to Winston Churchill. Churchill wasn’t prime minister yet . . . he was a member of parliament at the time, overseeing the troops.

–And in the letter, Fisher uses the acronym OMG . . . then explains it means “Oh my God.”

–Basically, it looks like he’s campaigning for KNIGHTHOOD for him and his fellow admirals . . . quote, “I hear that a new order of knighthood is on the [table], OMG, shower it on the admiralty!”

–That’s the earliest that OMG appeared in print.

O…. M…. G!!!!!!!!

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