Is Aretha Franklin The Way To Go For American Idol? Corey’s Got The Dirt…

Kathie Lee Gifford bashed the idea of Aretha Franklin being an American Idol judge. She said if American Idol wants to attract a younger audience, Aretha won’t do that for them. Aretha’s responded, “she is very well known, and has a world wide audience.”

Kris Humphries just signed a 2 year agreement with the Brooklyn Nets, and dissed Kanye West by saying, “he was lucky that Jay didn’t drop him from the team.” This was a deliberate reference to Kanye’s song where he threatened to get Kris kicked off the team.

David Hasselhoff turned 60 yesterday. He feels like he’s 40, and the best part about being 60 is that he’s no longer 59.


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