Does Luke Bryan Really Have A Secret Tattoo?

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Luke Bryan

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

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A few months ago, the morning show team at US99.5 in Chicago had a chat with Jason Aldean, who revealed that his tour mate, Luke Bryan, has a secret tattoo in a rather, um, discreet spot.

Jason himself actually put it rather bluntly. “I think he has his wife’s initials on one of his ass cheeks,” he said in the interview.

So when the US99.5 team was able to get Luke Bryan on the phone this week, they had to put him on the spot and ask him about it.

Luke hesitates, understandably, and seems a bit puzzled. “I’m trying to [figure out] how Jason has seen that,” he finally says.

Quickly, though, he realizes the situation he’s in with his tour mate. “I got to close the blinds on my bus a little better next time I guess. [He's] parked next to me peeping in!”

The Chicago crew also teased him about Aldean’s comments that, while Luke is famous for his dancing on stage, he might need some lessons.

“I can vouch for him on that one,” Luke admits. “I’m not a planned dancer.” Instead, he says, he takes more of a “freestyle” approach.

Hear the full Luke Bryan interview on US99.5.

- Kurt Wolff, CBS Local


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