Man Bites Off Girl’s Finger At Lady A Concert!

Erin Austin
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3. Lady Antebellum "Dancin' Away With My Heart"
Erin Austin
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What in the world? Maybe there is something to this “Zombie Apocalypse” thing after all. At a recent Lady Antebellum concert a man flew into a rage and ended up biting off the tip of a girl’s finger.

As reported by, 22-year-old Zachery Leone was arraigned in Hanover Township, PA on charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Police say that Leone had an argument with a man who was with a 17-year-old girl that Leone had been involved with. The girl tried to step in and stop the fight, but Leone went into a rage knocking the girl to the ground. He hit her several times before biting off the tip of her right ring finger.

Lady Antebellum went on to perform that night as planned. We’re not even sure if the group even knew about the fight that took place before the show.

Hopefully fans can keep their tempers in check for the rest of the tour.

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