America’s Got Talent Conestant, Tim Poe, Is A Liar. Corey’s Got The Dirt…

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America’s Got Talent’s contestant, Tim Poe, talked about his story in an interview. He admits that he didn’t lie intentionally. Mostly, his answers are consistently “I don’t know.” He thinks he was actually hurt in Afghanistan, but doesn’t remember. He embellished his story on AGT, and hasn’t taken full responsibility for his lies.

Lady Gaga suffered a concussion after being hit with a pole by one of her dancers, but finished her performance anyways.

Pictures of a naked Snooki have hit the internet. Her rep says they are personal photos that never should have been leaked.

Corey’s got the Dirt at 5:45am, 6:45am, 7:45am, and 8:45am.

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