Justin Moore Talks Redneck Love Songs And ‘Mediocrity’

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(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

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Before Justin Moore took the stage in Charlotte, North Carolina last week, he stopped by to perform his new single “Til My Last Day” live for fans at CBS Charlotte station The New 103.7. He also answered questions from the audience and chatted with Tanner, host of Charlotte’s Tanner in the Morning show.

“Til My Last Day” is the seventh single Justin’s released to country radio. He’s had major success with his past hits (to which he credits his wife, since she chose the singles), and he hopes this song makes waves in the country world as well.

Justin promotes his new single as the first love song he’s released, but then quickly reminisces on a moment where some fans expressed that “Bait A Hook” was their love song.

“I played a show in Missouri last weekend and a couple comes up to me…and she’s telling me how much my music means to them. They have three kids, they were divorced and now they’re back together, and I’m thinking she’s gonna tell me that ‘Til My Last Day’ brought ‘em together,” he says. “And she goes, ‘”Bait A Hook” brought us back together.'”

“If that ain’t redneck, I don’t know what is.”

Tanner asks Justin about what’s coming up on his musical horizon. “Just more mediocrity,” Justin says nonchalantly. “It’s working for Luke Bryan so why not me?”

Of course he was quick to say, “I’m kidding…me and Luke are buddies.”

As for a new album? “We’re working on another album,” he says, “but it’s in the very early stages. Just getting some stuff together and writing.”


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