Corey’s Diary May 25th, 2012: I Am Sporting My Jungle Boots

By: Corey Foley
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Corey's Diary

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Dear Diary,

Jeff and I met up at Sun & Ski during his lunch hour to pick up our Mud Run packets. There was a line out the door. There are going to be a ton of people.  I am glad everyone has a specific start time to make sure there is room for everyone. There were all kinds of body types, so I am hoping that means I have a chance.

Jeff and I went over to the Army Surplus store down the street to get some supplies. They were having a huge sale, so we really lucked out. We both got boots and BDU’s. We wanted to get matching patterns, but they didn’t have our sizes in both. So, I am in black and he is blue. How fitting.

I have been wearing my boots ever since we bought them to break them in. I feel very 90’s. I feel like I should be wearing a sundress with my Doc Martins and rocking out to 10,000 Maniacs.

I also picked some eye black from the baseball section of Academy Sports. Since we can’t wear shades, it will help with the glare. Plus, we can be super-douchy and put Tim Tebow verses in there.

Talk to you tomorrow,

lovecorey1 Coreys Diary May 25th, 2012: I Am Sporting My Jungle Boots

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