Who’s The Best Kisser On The Foley & Thunder Show?

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Greg Thunder
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You can find out right here… even if you don’t want to… here it is! Remember the old “cherry stem” test? This is kinda like that but it involves a Starburst… yeah, the candy! Whoever can unwrap the candy with their tongue and teeth first… they are the better kisser! Here is the video and a few tips…

• 1 Buy Starburst, and pick one out.

• 2 Place the wrapped Starburst in your mouth and flip it with your tongue so that the folded parts are on the bottom.

• 3 Use your tongue to position the wrapped candy over one of your bottom canines. — Your canines are the four very pointy teeth in your mouth. There is one on each side of the four front teeth on the top and the four front teeth on the bottom.

• 4 Use that canine to pry open one of the triangular flaps of the wrapper.

• 5 Use your tongue to spin the candy around. Then use the same tooth to pry open the other triangular flap.

• 6 With your tongue, push these two open flaps to the sides and out of your way for easier access to the straight folded flap.

• 7 Usually when the triangle flaps are pushed to the side, the straight flap starts to lift up from the candy on the sides allowing room to stick your tongue in and pry it apart. If it does not start to lift up you may need to use your canines once again to pry up this flap.

• 8 Stick your tongue in the hole and continue pushing your tongue through to separate the candy from the wrapper. Use your teeth to assist in spinning the candy during this process.

• 9 Spit out the wrapper or use your fingers to smoothly pull the flattened wrapper out of your mouth.

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