Secret Sound Guesses And Clue – 5/9

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Be sure to listen to Foley and Thunder every weekday morning at 7:15a for them to announce another clue that will help you determine the Secret Sound. The sound will be the same until it’s guessed by a lucky listener!

We’ll play it 8 times a day starting at 8:05a and then at :05 after the hour! You could win $1,000!

When you here the sound, be caller number 100 at 713-390-KILT for your chance to guess what the secret sound is and if you’re correct you win $1,000!

Clue: On the cooler side of things


8:05a – a can dropping into a cooler of water

9:05a – dropping a bottle of picante sauce into a cooler

10:05a – droppping a bottle of bloody mary mix into a cooler

11:05a – dropping an ice cube into a bloody mary

12:05p – ice cream falling into a rootbeer

1:05p – cold spaghetti and meatballs dropped on a cooler

2:05p – potatoes and carrots being put into a pot to make stew

3:05p – a fish swimming around in a bucket after it was just caught

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