Kathy Ireland Is The Richest Supermodel in The World!

[photogallerylink id=83862]Forget Gisele or Naomi Campbell.  Kathy Ireland make more money than both of these ladies.  In fact, she’s the world’s richest supermodel.  She got her first Sports Illustrated cover back in 1989, and it’s still the best-selling cover ever.

So how did she become the richest of them all?


According to Forbes,  Ireland, 48,  is worth an estimated $350 Million.   Kathy made a majority of her fortune from the products that have her name on them. Anything from furniture, windows and ceiling fans, to kitchen knives and candles.  You may have some in your home and not even realize it.

She owns a TV production company, partnered with Elizabeth Taylor for a jewelry line, and has over 2 billion is retail sales.  That’s TWICE the sales the Martha Stewart has.

All in all, Kathy has her name on over 15,000 products and not one of them is a bathing suit.


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