Jake Owen Broke A Bone On Friday the 13th

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So, maybe you are a little superstitious. Do you not walk under a ladder or open an umbrella inside? Well, Jake Owen isn’t superstitious either. But, maybe he should be? Jake didn’t have the best Friday the 13th.

He was in Colorado snowboarding on a mountain when he broke his collarbone. He posted a picture on Twitter. “Guess I charged this mountain a little too hard. Friday the 13th showed it’s face today.” Now, it turns out this is the 2nd time he has broken the same bone! He posted a picture on Twitter of him and his twin brother when they were little guys. And, Jake is wearing his brace. Mr. Owen made sure to let fans know he will still make all his appearances. Poor Jake. He has had a rough few weeks. He just had his wisdom teeth pulled last week! Let’s hope he kept his pain meds!

jake owen 1 Jake Owen Broke A Bone On Friday the 13th


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