Casey James And Christmas!

By now you have heard the new song from Casey James called “Lets Dont Call It A Night right here on KILT. If you arent that familar with Casey James just yet, dont worry you will be. A while back Casey was a contestant on American Idol during its ninth season. He made it to the Top 3 before being eliminated in May of 2010. Since then he has singed with Sony records and he’s been busy working on a new album and touring the country. He is a great new artist that I know we are all going to be seeing lots more of in 2012. Here is Casey talking about what the James family will be doing the Christmas!




Check out the Video for “Lets Dont Call It A Night “!’



  • Karen

    I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family Casey and I know its going to be a great New Year for you!

  • Kathy from AL @Krainia

    I like Casey James. He’s a great person, singer and guitarist. I plan to buy his debut album in March 2012!

  • Shari

    You are so right! Thanks so much for your support of Casey! If your listeners want to learn more about Casey we have a “Meet Casey James” post on The Casey James Blog that can catch them up.

  • Jen Lloyd

    Excellent post! Thank you! We look forward to hearing more from Casey in 2012!! His talent will inevitably become known, and I can’t wait until more people get a hold of his tunes especially when his album is released. He connects with the lyrics when he sings, and a live performance never fails to be amazing. Thanks again for writing about Casey James!!!

  • Carman

    Love this guy!! I am very familiar with Casey and can’t tell you how excited I was when I first heard his song on KILT!!! Thank y’all for playing it and for supporting him!! Hoping you’ll bring him to Houston for a gig!! :)

  • Gail

    Thank you for showcasing Casey James. Amazing, the commercial at the beginning of his video was for St Judes Childrens hospital. Casey was recognised this past year, by St Judes for the charity work that he does for them. He is an awesome performer and I happen to agree, if you aren’t familiar with him yet, you will be!!!

  • JCSassy Syl

    Thank you so much for the Shout Out, Brook. One of his biggest Fans, been following him since Idol. Be great if he could be at the Station some day. Love all of his Music. Love the way he looks at me in the Video. LOL

  • Cherrel Underwood

    Thanks so much for this great post about Casey! Those of us who have followed him since Idol have noted that he consistently gives amazing performances and has a fast-growing fan base! Casey is a gifted guitarist/singer/songwriter who endears himself to folks by being humble, sincere, well-grounded, and appreciative of loyal fans. Can’t wait for his album!!

  • Darla

    Casey James is AMAZING!! Can’t wait to hear more of his music! Please keep playing it!!!

  • AmCaro

    Casey James!!! WOOHOO! Love this guy and especially his music…can hardly wait for his album! Great write up KILT!

  • Outi

    Thank you so much for playing Let’s Don’t Call It A Night. Casey James is awesome!!! 2012 will be his year!

  • Pamela Wood

    Love Casey James! He is so talented, can’t wait for his CD in 2012! Thanks for supporting him & playing “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night!”

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